NCRA NewsMail

5 July 2019

Neighbourhood Watch News

From PC Sophie Scott, Police SNT Team
Tel: 020 8721 2816 
Twitter: @MPSStMarysRY
Dedicated Ward Officers: PC Peter Rose - PC Sophie Scott - PCSO Lovyna Dee - PCSO Angel Parnell
Over the weekend we had two reports of number plates being stolen on the ward. One was from a car parked in the car park at Honeydale Farm on Maidstone Rd on Saturday and the second was from a motorcycle which was parked in North Cray Road on Sunday. To avoid becoming a victim of this crime there are anti-theft screws which can be purchased from places like Halfords or online and they are cheap. Once they are screwed in the screws cannot be unscrewed due to the design on the head.
We also had a burglary on St James Way in the early hours of Sunday morning. Due to the extremely hot weather on Saturday the occupants had left the bathroom window at the rear of the property open slightly. The suspect is believed to have climbed the drainpipe and entered the house stealing electrical equipment such as iPads, laptops and iPhones but tripped the burglar alarm when leaving the property via the back door. Several police units including the dog unit were on scene quickly and managed to locate the suspect nearby with the help of the police dog and by tracking the phones/iPads with the 'find my iPhone' app. The suspect was arrested. The majority of the property has been found and given back to victims. It seems the suspect also left his fingerprints at another burglary he committed in December 2018 in Woodford Green and so was arrested for this also. He was charged with both burglaries and had his day in court today. Once we have the result I will let you now.
For those of you who notify us regarding the illegal fishing on Cray Meadows and Shuttlemead..... we have been in contact with other agencies and have been told to inform those who witness this to report it to the Environment Agency online at