NCRA NewsMail

10 July 2019

Two messages sent to NCRA

Hi there 

Spotted this yesterday, its chained up. Initially thought it was dumped or the owner had left it to go walkabout. However, 24hrs later it's still there. 

It's at the dog poo bin close to St Andrew's Road/Royal Park entrance to meadows. 

Someone will be missing it or maybe not. 

Cheers Jason

Hello there

Please does anyone know of a cat that may have gone missing, there was WHAT LOOKED LIKE the remains of a TORTOISE SHELL cat on the side of North Cray Road, coming out from BARTON ROAD. The poor cat was in a bad state and I was going to look for him to bring him home after having driven past but the council must have picked him up.

Perhaps someone has lost their cat.

Sorry for such bad news