NCRA NewsMail

18 September 2019

NCRA Executive Committee Vacancies

Currently, the Association has several unfilled positions on its Executive Committee and this is to ask if any members would like to join us.

As we embark on our 76th year, we have an ambitious programme ahead of us, not only to continue in our efforts to protect North Cray's precious Green Belt and an improvement of local amenities; but also to launch new initiatives for the benefit of our community. Initiatives such as seeking to have Defibrillators provided in key locations in North Cray, and a much needed improvement in Highway safety on the North Cray Road after the recent fatal accident. Also, to take up opportunities to work in partnership with other local groups such as the North Cray Branch of the Royal British Legion, the 1st North Cray Scouts and the Friends of Footscray Meadows.

But doing all this would put a heavy strain on our small team, who are already working hard to defend our Green Belt, oppose unwelcome housing developments such as those being sought on garden land between St James Way and The Grove and at 139 North Cray Road and in pressing for continued Enforcement action in the case of unauthorised activities at Woollett Hall Farm (Kelseys) in Water Lane and at Stuarts 57 North Cray Road.

The kind of skills we are in most need of are in the areas of IT, finance and the law; but we would warmly welcome any help that people might be able to offer in our common cause of trying to make North Cray a happy place in which to live.

We really do need to fill these vacancies. Please, will you consider joining us?