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NCRA NewsMail

NewsMail Troubleshooter: 

If you are a member of North Cray Residents Association and have signed up for NewsMails but are not getting them, or you were getting them and they have stopped arriving into your Inbox, then please try the following :

1.  Check your Junk and Spam folders to see if the NewsMails are going there. If this is the case then try :

(a) putting as a new address into your email program address book.

(b) If you can find the appropriate settings in your email program, try marking the NewsMails as :


(c) If these steps do not help or if you are unable to do them, you will need to get advice from your Internet Service Provider.

2.  If you are unable to locate NewsMails in your Spam or Junk Folders or anywhere in your email program then select the 'Continue' link below to request a test NewsMail. We will then send a plain email and a test NewsMail with further instructions.