How you can help us

Threats to the openness of our environment are very real, as we have seen only too often in recent years.

These threats can come not only from the ambitions of property developers but also from any relaxation by the Government in its Green Belt policy.

Another very real threat is creeping, covert development which if unchallenged- can only too often become unstoppable because what has been done has won the right to exist on the grounds of 'established use'. This is where the eyes and ears of residents are of invaluable help. By reporting to the committee any activities that appear to be contrary to the interests of our Green Belt/Heritage Land and the openness of our environment, timely action can be pursued with Bexley council for the issue of appropriate Enforcement Orders.

If you want North Cray's open spaces to be preserved, it is essential that you continue to support your Residents Association. If you are not already a member, please do consider joining us and helping us to be even stronger.

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